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A tanned, blonde and muscular Luke Steingruby is a playful boy-toy as the lab creation Rocky. He not only looks the part but shows off his impressive vocal range in “The Sword of Damocles.” – Lynn Venhaus, Belleville News Democrat

Finally, Luke Steingruby’s Rocky is practically flawless, with an angelic voice, Charles Atlas muscles, blond hair, and a tan. – Tina Farmer, KDHX

Luke Steingruby is the hottest Rocky Horror ever, and that includes the film version. He’s built like a Greek god and he wears the smallest set of sparkly gold panties you’ve ever almost seen — is it any wonder he sets off the chain reaction of lust and sex that follows? (It is not.) – Paul Friswold, Riverfront Times

Luke Steingruby wears little more than a smile (but it’s a nice smile) as Frank N. Furter’s lust-inducing and surprisingly thoughtful creation, the title character. – Ladue News

Luke Steingruby has sprouted golden blond hair to play the title role, a naïf in the body of a young David. His singing and acting are both top-notch too, as he transitions from uneasy boy-toy (with Frank) to eager adventurer (with Janet), and ultimately into his own troubled awakening. – Talkin Broadway

The Rocky Horror Show / Stray Dog Theatre

Steingruby is hilarious as the psycho boyfriend, especially on his number “Road Kill,” during which he huffs the opened magic markers strapped to his wrist and goes off into hysterical fits of diabolical laughter. He also executes one of the most hilarious stage crosses of all time. – Alive Magazine

The Great American Trailer Park Musical / Dramatic License Productions

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