RFT Review: “Dogfight” at Stray Dog Theatre

arts1-1Eddie Birdlace (Brendan Ochs) is an eighteen-year-old Marine who has one last night in San Francisco before shipping off to Vietnam. It’s November 21, 1963 — the night before President Kennedy will be killed — and Eddie is eager to win the dogfight planned with his friends Boland (Luke Steingruby) and Bernstein (Kevin O’Brien) before they settle that little conflict in southeast Asia. The boys anticipate a quick victory and a hero’s welcome when they return — but first they have to humiliate some women.

It is a lesson we never remember. Young men are trained to kill, women are there for the taking and the world races ever onward to some uncertain destiny. And yet two people can find one another in that chaos, and come to understand each other, if only they care enough to look deeply into themselves.

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St. Louis Theatre Snob Review: “Dogfight” at Stray Dog Theatre

They are bolstered by a strong supporting cast, including a very versatile Steingruby and O’Brien as Eddie’s Marine pals

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Snoop’s Theatre Thoughts Review: “Dogfight” at Stray Dog Theatre

The show also does a good job of portraying well-rounded characters, managing to make the Marines interesting and sympathetic characters despite some of their more unsavory attitudes. The actors deserve a lot of credit for this sympathy, as well, with Steingruby’s shady Boland and O’Brien’s eager Bernstein being brought to life convincingly.

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Critical Blast Review: “Dogfight” at Stray Dog Theatre

Luke Steingruby seemed to relish the opportunity to play an asshole, while Kevin O’Brien was perfect as the bombastic yet naive man-child.

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KDHX Review: “Dogfight” at Stray Dog Theatre

0af72df0039077242ac41354288684d7_XLLuke Steingruby and Kevin O’Brien are filled with an uneasy, almost desperate energy as they search for girls, drinks, and every adventure they can conquer during their few hours of leave.

The show feels like it could take a dark or violent turn at several points, keeping audiences intrigued, and the cast embraces the uncertainty and confusion of their age, social status, and the era well.

Broadway World Review: “Dogfight” at Stray Dog Theatre

6a00d8341c0b6a53ef01bb087faf2f970d-320wiOchs is joined by the other “B’s”; a strong perfomance by Luke Steingruby as Boland, and fine work by Kevin O’Brien as the ever-horny, and perpetually unsure, Bernstein. Both give off that “buddy vibe” that makes their friendship seem all the more genuine.

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Belleville News Democrat Review: “Dogfight” at Stray Dog Theatre

It is Nov. 21, 1963, a night before ideals would be shattered and innocence lost. Eddie and his swaggering pals Boland (Luke Steingruby) and Bernstein (Kevin O’Brien) plan a night of debauchery in San Francisco before they are deployed to Vietnam.

Their energy, as well as the ebullient fellow Marines, is evident in robust numbers, “Some Kinda Time,” “We Three Bees,” and “Hey, Good Lookin’” which sets the stage for the show’s abundant macho carousing.

Steingruby displays his glorious, clear voice

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Ladue News Review: “Dogfight” at Stray Dog Theatre

The strong supporting cast includes well-wrought turns by Luke Steingruby and Kevin O’Brien as Boland and Bernstein, respectively, and by Jenni Ryan as Rose’s loving mother and a weary prostitute.

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Talkin Broadway Review:  “Dogfight” at Stray Dog Theatre

Luke Steingruby (as Boland) and Kevin O’Brien (as Bernstein) are Eddie’s pals, and the way they handle their last big night out is consistently exciting

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