Ladue News Review: “Yentl” at New Jewish Theatre

The ensemble of students who serve as a Greek chorus is effectively portrayed by Will Bonfiglio, Brendan Ochs, Luke Steingruby and Jack Zanger. Bonfiglio is especially enjoyable to observe in Isom’s engaging choreography.

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St. Louis Theatre Snob Review: “Yentl” at New Jewish Theatre

The play is bolstered by its supporting members — Peggy Billo as the uncompromising mother of Hadass, Frumka, Jennifer Theby-Quinn as Pesha, Avigdor’s commerce-savvy wife, along with Amy Loui, Will Bonfiglio, Brendan Ochs, Luke Steingruby and Jack Zanger — all in multiple roles, elevating the play with solid performances.

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Casting Announcement: “Yentl” at New Jewish Theatre

Based on Isaac Bashevis Singer’s short story “Yentl the Yeshiva Boy” and updated with new music and lyrics by Jill Sobule, “Yentl” tells the story of a young girl in 19th century Eastern Europe forbidden to pursue her dream of studying Talmud. Unwilling to accept her fate, she disguises herself as a man. But when she falls in love, Yentl must decide how far she’s willing to go to protect her identity. This marks 40 years since the play — then without music — ran on Broadway. With parallels in Singer’s short story coinciding with the burgeoning second wave of feminism, we find Yentl as an outsider seeking to find her own voice within a very proscribed world. Sobules’ klezmer/rock/folk score underlines the ageless ideas of young love and sexual questioning.”This is a story about the mystery of appearances, the deceptions of the heart, and the divine androgyny of the soul.”

May 12 – June 5

Directed by Edward Coffield


Yentl – Shanara Gabrielle*

Avigdor – Andrew Michael Neiman*

Hadass – Taylor Steward

Reb Todrus – Terry Meddows*

Various roles

Peggy Billo*

Will Bonfiglio

Paul Cereghino

Amy Loui*

Leo Ramsey

Luke Steingruby

Jennifer Theby Quinn

New Jewish Theatre