The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told / Stray Dog Theatre

“Steingruby turns in his best performance to date as Adam and it’s completely captivating. He is emotionally connected to each moment, creating a multifaceted man who embraces his masculine and feminine qualities with humor, persistence and grace. Steingruby has great chemistry with William Humphrey’s Steve and Angela Bubash’s Mabel as well as a comic rivalry with Maria Bartolotta’s Jane.” – KDHX

”There’s a great cast here, led by Steingruby’s winning performance as the inquisitive, ever-optimistic Adam and Humphrey as the more practical, melancholy Steve. They make a convincing pair, as do Bartolotta as the tough-talking Jane and Bubash as the hopeful Mabel.” – Snoop’s Theatre Thoughts

“Steingruby and Humphrey generate palpable chemistry, whether playing off each other comically or exploring more serious emotional terrain.” – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Luke Steingruby displays a cheerful naivete as Adam, who questions everything and wants to understand his purpose.” – Riverfront Times

“Luke Steingruby’s Adam is appealing in his optimistic naivete, remaining upbeat in all but the most forlorn moments.” – Ladue News

”Luke Steingruby and William Humphrey are Adam and Steve, warm together, Humphrey having a good time with the occasional side-eye at the exuberant Steingruby.” – St. Louis Eats and Drinks

“Luke Steingruby is a handsome, heartfelt pixie as Adam, in the first half—the Adam, in the Garden of Eden. And then he’s Adam, a progressive schoolteacher in the second half, hosting a Christmas party at his exuberantly decorated flat, with his partner Steve.” – Talkin Broadway