Jerry Springer the Opera Protested!

In the last 24 hours Jerry Springer the Opera at New Line Theatre has received its first two emails in protest of the production, demanding that we cancel!  As IF…

It’s so funny how small-minded some people are.  I am a proud recovering catholic, and while some of the language in the show might make people uncomfortable, and some of the religious figures in the show are not represented in the stereotypical catholic way, the underlying theme is one of universal love, care, and acceptance…which, if my memory (or common sense) remains intact, is THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT OF CHRISTIANITY!  Get over your self-righteous bullshit and look at the bigger picture.  It’s art people…it’s supposed to make you think!  How can you surmise that this particular piece of art is sacrilegious or blasphemous unless you’ve seen it and really paid attention to the message of the piece?

Furthermore, while I do not subscribe to organized religion anymore, my sense of right and wrong and my moral fortitude are stronger than they have ever been!  This show does really make us think about the judgements we blindly place on other people for whatever bullshit reasons we make up.  How many parables in the bible are about not passing judgement…leaving that job to “GOD”?  What kind of arrogant prick thinks they can speak on behalf of their god?

Anyway I could ramble on for hours, so I’ll stop here.  In conclusion, my parents and grandparents, who all consider themselves devout catholics, are coming to see the show; because they still know how to keep an open mind and think for themselves, and support art-forms that provoke thought and growth.  If you are an open-minded individual, and generally understand the GOLDEN RULE of the bible, then you have the capacity to appreciate the message of this show!!!

We run March 5-28!  Get your tickets at

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