Filming Begins for “Farewell Infinity” (2015)

“Farewell Infinity” (2015) – COMING SOON

Starring:  Luke Steingruby, MacLean Blanner, Scott M. Dunn, Amanda Barkley, Brendan Ochs

Written and Directed by Isaac White

10723199_10206632893479878_183991163_n 11094677_10206632893159870_1493905997_n 11115873_10206632893079868_699938416_n 11117805_10206632895559930_1615110214_n 11118110_10206632895639932_1391011229_n 11120064_10206632892679858_320800397_n 11156978_10206632892439852_1637861948_n 11160082_10206632892599856_1399922403_n 11160184_10206632893319874_2087751258_n 11160509_10206632895359925_442107579_n 11165875_10206632895599931_736264814_n 11165932_10206632896079943_793910541_n 11180023_10206632892639857_1704265170_n 11180171_10206632892879863_344977114_n 


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